Season 1

Episode 1 - Mr. Clown

The champion of underground geek tournaments surfaces to enlighten Max and Sven on the gritty detail of entertainment combat. But will he compete in the new tournament?

Episode 2 - Gucci Rivers

The star of the St. Lawrence Seaway is at it again!

Episode 3 - Tatiana Stomponovich

The one and only Tatiana Stomponovich details her vicious fighting style - and puts the tournament competitors on notice.

Episode 4 - Allan Panther

The inventor of the art of Kwrestling.

Episode 5 - The Intellectualist

From the dark narrow passageways of the mind, complete with his traveling library of knowledge - Enter the Intellectualist!

Episode 6 - Chippy Chastiser

The Hollywood starlet shares her martial arts secrets in her most revealing interview yet.

Episode 7 - Yoshi Dynamo

A meeting in a sandwich shop, a manager named Doc G, and a hot new prospect from Japan - Yoshi Dynamo!

Episode 8 - Sequoia Semperviolence

It doesn't get any grittier, earthier or more woodsman like when it comes to Semperviolence.

Episode 9 - Jimmy

Every tournament needs a reserve fighter. Every tournament needs a responsible dad too.

Episode 10 - Coleman Tupper

Could this be the mysterious backer or just another money mark?