Hard Kore Kumite Association

The Hard Kore Kumite Association is a show which documents the process of legendary wrestling promoters M. Solaris and Sven Breakfast.

Join Max and Sven as they interview, debate over, and attempt to negotiate contracts with a new stable of fighters who are as eccentric as they are hard kore.

We decided to build a wrestling ring.

There was an old parachute draped over stacks of brown folding tables in the back corner of the space. We took the tables and layed them out into a grid. We then added a very very very thin layer of Home Depot foam over the tables and covered it with the parachute material.

Our roster materialized and trained. We had matches. We did photo shoots. We collaborated with other wrestling federations. There was blood, pain and hurt. And then it was gone. Before our very first public show, the posters were ripped down, and the ring was decimated.

To this day, we don't know who sabotaged us. Years later we decided to start over from scratch. The HKKA lives on - and this time, nothing will stop us from putting on the best display of combat the world has ever seen.